Aloe Vera Allergy

Aloe vera, in any form, is considered natural and healthy. Owing to the healing properties of aloe vera, it has a lot of nick names such as, the burn plant, the potted physician and wand of heaven. Aloe vera is a miracle herb. It contains some ingredients that aid the body in recovering some illnesses. But we cannot say aloe vera does this sans side effects. Aloe vera allergy should be known and precautions should be taken.

Aloe Vera: The Purest Form of Natural Medicine?

Aloe Vera allergy

Yes! Aloe vera is pure. It is naturally occurring and the gel can be used straight from the plant to treat minor cuts and bruises. But is aloe vera that pure to not cause any side effects?

Some people have food allergies; some have allergies to few chemicals and naturally occurring proteins. Aloe vera too is a plant. Therefore it is not all good to some people.

A few years back, aloe vera was marketed to have the miracle cure for a variety of skin problems. Every major beauty product company started to include aloe vera in their products to encourage people into buying them. And yes! Aloe vera does have an effect on our skin. It reduces pimples, heals rashes and burns, reduces flakiness and acts as a natural moisturizer. But is this applicable to all skin types?

No! aloe vera allergies are on a rise. People suffering from aloe vera allergy sometimes do not suspect aloe vera, because it is known to be the miracle herb. Let us be aware, aloe vera does cause allergies in some people and aloe vera has to be avoided by them.

How do you Become Allergic to Aloe Vera?

Aloe vera is a plant and not everyone are allergic to aloe vera. Some people who use aloe vera daily suddenly become allergic to the plant. This can be a cause of a toxin in the body or some other substance that reacts with aloe vera, causing rashes and itching.

Aloe vera tends to react with few substances causing a reaction. Therefore check what substance you are using now that you did not use before. If possible stop the usage of the substance, else stop using aloe vera. It is also believed that a particular type of blood group reacts badly to aloe vera. But there is no scientific proof to support this theory.

Some people are, from birth, allergic to aloe vera. Therefore have caution when using aloe vera for the first time.

People who should use aloe vera only after the physician's consent:

  • Pregnant ladies
  • Brest feeding mothers
  • Children and babies
  • People suffering from digestive problems
  • Elderly people

How Bad are Aloe Vera Allergies?

The usual form of allergy that is easily noted is skin rash and skin redness. After coming into contact with aloe vera or after ingesting it, some people get an allergic reaction. The skin turns red with swelling and some even get psoriasis. These can be avoided by a simple allergy test. Consult your physician and get an allergy test done.

Who should get the Test Done?

  • People who are allergic to onions and garlic, the Liliaceous family, could be allergic to aloe vera.
  • People who are allergic to the cacti family of plants should get themselves tested.

Although aloe vera is useful in many ways, it has to be used after consulting a physician. If you suspect yourself or anyone else to be allergic to aloe vera, it is always safe to get checked.

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