Aloe Vera Aloin

Aloe vera has many uses. The inner gel of aloe vera is used in many creams, juices and as a pain reliever. The outer leaf of aloe vera contains aloin. Aloe vera aloin is a latex that induces bowel movement; therefore it is used as a laxative.

The inner leaf is soothing. It contains vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, tannis and sterols. It does not contain aloin. The outside leaf of aloe vera contains aloin and aloe-emodin that are anthraquinone laxatives.

Aloe vera when ingested orally, helps relieve many digestive problems, such as:

Aloe Vera Aloin

  • Relaxes Colon
  • Excellent spleen, colon and stomach cleanser
  • Soothes the digestive tract
  • Helps reduce ulcers
  • Relieves constipation
  • Induces digestion

What is Aloin?

Aloin, also known as barbaloin, it is a yellow-brown colored substance that is bitter to taste. It is found in the outer leaf of aloe vera plant. Aloin is used to treat constipation, because it induces peristaltic contractions in the colon and leads to bowel movement.

Aloe Vera Latex

Aloe vera latex or the outer leaf of aloe vera can be used to treat constipation. Latex in one ingredient of aloe vera that is got from the outer leaf. Some aloe vera juices contain Latex. Although aloin is banned in juices from 2002, it is always safe to check for contents on a beverage before consumption.

Who should Avoid Aloin?

  • Pregnant woman
  • Breast feeding Mothers
  • Children
  • People suffering from digestive problems (it is safe to consult your physician before taking aloe vera).

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice is very good for a variety of reasons. Aloe vera juice is prepared in two ways.

  • Including the outer leaf.
  • Excluding the outer leaf.

In 2002 including the outer leaf, that contains aloin, was banned by the Government of USA. But aloin is used to treat a variety of digestive problems. Therefore, in some juices aloin is present.

Aloe Vera and Allergies

Aloe vera is a very a natural plant that has more benefits than any known plant. The gel inside the leaves is soothing and can cure burns, act as a moisturizer and prevent some other minor ailments. But not everyone are safe to use aloe vera. There are some known allergies that aloe vera causes. Therefore it is always better to avoid aloin in juices or consult a physician before starting to use aloin-containing products.

Aloe has been used as a medicine and as a healing agent for centuries. Early history shows that Egyptians, Romans and Indians used aloe vera for a variety of purposes. From Cleopatra to roman kings to Indian kings, aloe has been here for a very long time. Aloe vera has evolved to become a vastly used ingredient in skin care products.

It is always safe to consult a physician before using aloe juices. If you are sure that you do not have aloe allergy, then choose a juice that does not contain the outer leaf. Because it induces bowel movements.

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