Aloe Vera Bloom

Aloe vera is a plant that belongs to lily family. It is a succulent plant, therefore sometimes it is also believed that it belongs to cactus family. There are over 250 species of aloe vera in the world, and some of these species are able to bloom. It is well-known for its medicinal properties. It is unable to blossom before it gets fully mature. It gets mature in around 4 years. Generally only older aloe vera plant blooms. Its flowers are mostly yellow in color; sometimes they also have different colors. The bloom of aloe plant is always fascinating.

Aloe vera plants are broadly used as ornamental plants. Aloe vera blooms many times, making the plant to be used for decoration in homes and gardens. Many species of aloe vera do not possess the quality of blooming. In the following article we discus about aloe vera bloom.

Different species of aloe vera that bloom:

Aloe Aristata: Aloe Vera Bloom

This is a species of aloe vera plant. It is a stemless and hardy plant. This plant has sprouts dark green leaves and jagged edges. This plant thrives in temperatures above 50 degree. It produces small orange flowers in spring season.This one is widely known as torch plant. This is a widely used as container and indoor plant in many countries. It is able to survive in variety of conditions. There fore popular to be grown as a household plant or pot plant in green houses.

Aloe Arborescens:

The aloe arborescens is an aloe shrub having treelike multi heads with light green color. This plant is useful in gardens and walk ways. This plant produces cluster red flowers on its stem. Its flowers are arranged in raceme.This plant can survive only if provided with mineral water.It has many medicinal uses. A research proved that this plant can be used for treating cancer.

How to make an aloe vera to bloom:

Generally aloe vera bears flowers when it becomes fully mature. It needs proper care to bloom. The green fleshy leaves bear a stalk, and this stalk of aloe plant bears a yellow flower at its top. The nectar of these blooms are very much preferred by humming birds.

Flowering up aloe vera:

To make your aloe plant bloom, you should have to take care of your plant up to its full growth. When it gets mature up to 4 years, it is able to bear flowers.

You have to put your plant inside the house to protect it from cold. Cold can affect your plant because aloe vera is sensitive to cold. You should plant it in fast-draining soil. It is a desert plant, so over-watering would be harmful for it. To get the plant sun shine, put it in the window, where it will get ample of sunshine. When aloe plant gets grown up and matures enough to bear a stalk, it needs lots of light to bloom.

Check the soil that it should get completely dry before you water your plant again. Don't water more than a cup or two in winter season.

In this way you can have your aloe plant experiencing bloom.