Aloe Vera Cuttings

Aloe vera is a desert plant that belongs to the lily family. Aloe vera is very useful in treating a number of diseases. Aloe vera plants are succulent and contain 95% water. Because they are desert plants, they store all the necessary nutrients inside them to use them in the future. During draught times aloe vera survives and during springs it stores up nutrients and water. This property makes aloe vera a very useful sub tropical plant.

In many countries aloe vera is used as a staple food during draught. Aloe vera is cooked and eaten. Aloe vera juices are ingested and aloe vera helps restore the bodily nutrients.

Aloe Vera as a Healer

Aloe vera is nature's gift to humans. The uses of aloe are known throughout the world. Aloe as an healer is useful to cure many ailments. Aloe vera contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals and lots of fatty acids in its gel. These nutrients are exactly what the human body wants. Therefore aloe vera is a very useful health drink as well.

Planting an Aloe Vera Aloe Vera Cutting

Aloe Vera Plants Produce Pups - small plants that grow beside the mother plant, with the help of the mother plant - that can be transferred to other place and cultivated. Aloe vera, being a succulent plant, grows very effectively when cultivated.

It requires minimal care and requires very less water. Aloe vera pups can be replanted in pots or in damp ground. They grow fine.

Some aloe vera plants flower, these can be grown with seeds. For others, aloe vera cutting is the best way to cultivate.

Aloe Vera Cuttings

Aloe vera cuttings are a very efficient and a very easy way to grow aloe. Aloe plantations throughout the world use this technique to replant aloe vera. Aloe plants use very less water and use a lot of space as they grow. Therefore when you are replanting the aloe vera pups, plant them in a wide pot or on ground.

Aloe plants are fast growing ones. It is okay to underwater them, but do not over water them. Over watering rots the plant and retards growth.

How to Replant Aloe Vera?

You can find a lot of pups shooting beside a grown aloe vera plant. You have to repot or replant aloe vera pups. Repotting or replanting aloe vera:


A pot or damp land
Knife (if possible sterile knife)
Paper or cloth (to place the cut aloe vera)


  • Cut the leaf connecting the mother plant and the pup with a knife.
  • Now place this plant on a paper or a cloth to leave the cut to close.
  • In a damp pot or land, plant the pup. It may turn brown, no need to worry.
  • Do not add water.

After some days the pup is all ready to grow into a large plant.

Aloe vera cutting is used to replant flower-less plants, for plants that contain flowers, seeds are used.