Aloe Vera Dandruff Cure

Aloe vera is a miraculous plant. It has many medicinal properties which make it useful in many medicines and cosmetic products. Its each and every product is useful for body. Aloe vera has its better effects on hair and scalp. Aloe vera dandruff cure is prevalent in many medical fields.

Dandruff is the result of the infection in the scalp. It makes the skin dry and flaky. There is no specific reason for the cause of the dandruff. There are a number of ways to treat dandruff but very few work effectively. Aloe vera is one of those remedies.

Contains of aloe veraDandruff Cure

Aloe vera includes many anti-inflammatory elements. It contains some 75 known active elements. It contains organic components, enzymes, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial elements, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Aloe vera contains some antiseptic qualities too.

How aloe vera is useful to curtail dandruff?

Aloe vera is a natural remedy for dandruff. It is very difficult to treat dandruff, but aloe vera proved as a good remedy to cure dandruff. The aloe gel which is obtained by peeling the fleshy leaves of aloe vera is used to cure dandruff. It is easy, cheap and safe to use. Many dandruff control shampoos and oils contain aloe vera due to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities. These properties are helpful to prevent your scalp from dandruff infection. It is believed that aloe vera is good for hair and scalp. It controls hair loss due to dandruff. It can be used on any part of the scalp to promote hair growth. The gel-like element in aloe vera, if applied to scalp, restores the pH balance of the scalp and encourages hair growth. This substance is helpful to store up the moisture and enhance shine of your hair.

It is free from side effects therefore it can be applied directly to the scalp. By regular application of aloe gel on scalp you can get rid of dandruff. The mixture of fenugreek seeds with aloe gel is much more effective to cure dandruff and condition hair. Aloe vera gel if used with tea oil will also give you better results. Aloe vera's frequent use to wash hair is good to prevent dandruff. This will make your head free from infection. It will curtail fungal infection and dandruff.

How to cure dandruff with aloe vera:

  1. Pour some amount of aloe vera oil according to your hair in your hand and apply it to your hair. It will help you to be free from dandruff. The anti-fungal and anti-bacterial qualities of aloe gel will surely act to reduce dandruff.
  2. According to severity of dandruff you may add tea tree oil to protect your head from dandruff. Rub aloe vera oil and tea tree oil in to your scalp. Apply it with firm and steady pressure all over the scalp.
  3. Make that oil to be absorbed to the roots of your hair. It will be helpful for you to encourage the hair growth and give a shiny look.
  4. Leave this mixture of aloe vera and tea tree oil mixture on your scalp at least for 10 minutes. If it makes your scalp burning sensation remove it quickly.
  5. Repeat this action for several days. If you will repeat this process for a weak it will give you a chance to see result.

In this way aloe vera is important in dandruff cure treatment.