Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe vera leaf is used to make many useful healthy products all over the world. Aloe vera leaf is very thick like a stem. It is green in color; there is a translucent gel present inside the leaf. The gel is a very rich source of nutrients and minerals. This gel contains many enzymes and many important vitamins that are important to our body.

Aloe vera gel can be described as two parts: Aloe Vera Leaf

  • The outer leaf
  • The inner gel

The Outer Leaf

The outer leaf contains a sticky yellow substance called aloin. This aloin is a naturally occurring laxative. Aloin can be extracted into a yellow powder and can be consumed as a capsule or as a tablet.

Aloin is present only in the outer leaf. The inner gel does not contain aloin. Owing to aloin's laxative properties, it is sans used in aloe juices.

The US government had banned whole leaf juice in US. This is because healthy people need not consume aloin. Consumption of aloin by healthy people without constipation problems can cause adverse effects.

Aloin for Constipation

Aloin can be used to treat constipation very effectively. Aloin has the ability to trigger bowel movements; therefore relieving constipation.

Constipation: When the colon (large intestine) absorbs more water from the stool than required, the stools become very dry and there is no lubrication. This condition causes pain during passing stools and even bruises and inflammations.

Aloin induced bowel movement by providing lubrication and clears colon. But you have to be careful not to use aloin in excess, because aloin can relax the colon, and when not suffering from constipation or when the condition shows improvement, more aloin leads to diarrhea and fatigue.

Aloin is also used to clear colon. Passing stools at least one time in a day is considered normal by doctors, but this is not the case with a majority of population in the world. Therefore it is necessary to clean the colon now and then to prevent some major ailments such as cancer and tumors.

The Inner Gel

Inner gel does not contain any aloin or any other latex. Therefore it is safe to be consumed by anyone. The inner gel contains many important nutrients and minerals. This helps in soothing the digestive tract and also healing the stomach walls, thus it keeps the tract in healthy condition.

Inner gel can be consumed as a health drink. It is very useful to treat many digestion related ailments and also many minor ailments.

Owing to the growth conditions of aloe vera it is a very tough plant. Its appearance gives us an idea of its natural environment. Aloe vera has a very thick leaf and also small thorns in the corners that act as defense system. Aloe vera is designed to keep off gracing animals and also to retain water. The inner gel of aloe vera is actually a water and nutrient reserve for the drought seasons. Although aloe vera roots are adapted to water searching in the desert regions, it is also adapted to water storage.