Aloe Vera Peeling

Aloe vera is a plant famous for its healing as well as medicinal abilities. Due to this, the popularity of aloe vera products including gel, juice, creams, lotions, etc. are also on the rise. However, as it is an amazing first aid tool; many people are eager to bring an aloe vera plant home so they can make their own aloe vera gel as well as other aloe products. Nevertheless, before making the aloe vera gel at home, it is important to know the exact process of doing it. Here, we will try to know about the aloe vera peeling and gel preparation process in detail.

How to Peel an Aloe Vera Leaf

Aloe vera gel can be used in two ways. The first is by cutting the leaf horizontally and applying it directly on the affected area and the other is by extracting the gel completely out of the leaf. The first method can be used for emergency treatments. On the other hand, by extracting the gel from an aloe vera leaf completely, you can store it for future use. Moreover, the extraction process is more useful because while applying directly lots of aloe gel gets wasted. So, it is a really good idea to prepare and store aloe vera gel.

To peel and remove gel from aloe vera leaf properly, you must follow certain steps carefully. While taking out an aloe vera leaf, make sure that you cut a leaf from the outer circle of the plant. This is because the leaves found on the outer circumference of the aloe plant are the ones that are mature. Apart from this, you must also see to it that the aloe leaves are thick and fleshy. Take a sharp knife and take off the aloe vera leaf from the base of the plant. Once this is done, cut off the sharp edges of the leaf.

After you have take off the thorns from the aloe vera leaf, the next step would be the cleaning process. Chop the aloe vera leaf into mid-sized pieces and soak them in a bowl of water for an entire day as well as night. In the morning, you will observe that the color of the water has become pink or light red. Discard the colored water as these are the impurities that were present in the aloe leaf.

Now, the aloe vera leaf is ready for peeling and gel extraction process. To peel the aloe vera leaf, you will need a sharp knife. Hold the piece of aloe vera leaf in one hand and peel off the green outer layer with the knife. Make sure that you are removing only the skin and not taking out the gel accidentally. Once you have peeled the skin from all the aloe vera leaves, scoop out the gel with the help of a spoon. Transfer the aloe vera gel into an air tight container and place it in the refrigerator to avoid oxidization. Moreover, if refrigerated, one can use the aloe vera gel for several months.