Aloe Vera Root

Roots are the basis of all plants; the thing that gives it life and provides it with the necessary nourishment. This applies to the aloe vera plant too. However, the aloe vera root is a little different when compared to the roots of other plants. Hence, it is important for people who love gardening and want to plant an aloe vera at home to know more about the aloe vera root and how to take proper care of it to achieve a healthy sprout from it.

Aloe Vera Root Characteristics

Just like cacti, aloe vera also has a shallow root system. In other words, the roots of the aloe vera plant do not grow long and deep. Rather, they grow wider inside the soil. In other words, aloe vera grows horizontally, rather than vertically. Another feature of the aloe vera root is that it requires very less water. On the other hand, the aloe vera root is likely to die if it is given too much water. Hence, one must make sure not to water the aloe vera plant more than once a day. Another important characteristic of the root system of the aloe vera plant is that it develops a fungus called arbuscular mycorrhiza. This fungus goes deep inside the soi, thus giving the plant the ability to absorb utmost amount of the mineral nutrients present in the soil.

Aloe Vera Root Plantation

As the aloe vera roots become wider when they grow, it is important that you plant them in a big pot. While planting aloe vera, fill 1-2 inches of the pot with gravel. The soil mixes that you can use for planting an aloe vera plant include granite grit, coarse sand or extra perlite. While planting aloe vera, make sure that the roots are completely submerged in the soil. It is also recommended to place 1-11/2 inches of the plant into the soil along with the roots.

The aloe vera plant grows very quickly and soon you will see little offshoots or babies in the pot. When this happens, it is best to remove them and plant them in separate pots. This is because the offshoots will quickly grow, thus making the pot too crowded and heavy. If the offshoot does not have a root, you need not throw it away because aloe vera plants have the ability to root on their own, once they are planted in the soil.

The best thing about aloe vera root is that it requires very little care. As mentioned earlier, it has the ability to thrive without receiving water for several days. Also, it does not require regular fertilization to grow; rather fertilizing it once in a year is more than enough. Apart from this, all the aloe vera plant needs is a lot of sunlight and heat to grow and prosper.