How To Revive Dying Aloe Vera?

It is very easy to take care of aloe vera plant. But, if you don't look after a few things the plant it may die or get rotten. This plant does not need a lot of care. If your aloe vera plant is about to die then you can save it by following certain tips that I have given here. I would initially like to tell you how to prevent it from dying and then tell you how to cure or revive a dying aloe vera plant by taking proper measures.

Preventing Aloe Vera Plant from dying

  • First thing you need to do while planting this plant is, select a porous pot if you are planting it indoors. The pot should be sufficiently large and wide because this plant spreads more diagonally
  • Avoid keeping the plant in the same pot for many days; this will degrade its nutritive value
  • The soil required for this plant is sandy and should be well drained
  • Keep the plant in a room which receives sufficient amount of sunlight or keep it outside the house
  • This plant requires sunny and clear climate. Avoid planting it in extremely cold areas or the regions which experience snow fall
  • It is not really necessary to add any kind of fertilizers to it. But, if you want to improve the quality of the plant you may add potassium supplements to the soil
  • Water the plant only if you find that the soil is dry

Reviving a dying aloe vera plant:

  • If the plant is changing its color from green to red it means that the plant is not getting sufficient amount of sunlight. This is one of the signs of a dying aloe vera plant.
  • In such a case shift the aloe vera plant to the place where it will get sufficient amount of sunlight and watch whether its color changes to green again
  • Aloe vera is a succulent plant which retains a lot of water in its leaves, so it should not be watered frequently
  • If the plant is over watered, then the leaves become soft and they also get rotten if they remain in the marshy soil for a long time. This is another sign of a dying aloe vera plant
  • Excess watering may also damage the roots of the plants
  • If you feel that the leaves are getting soft, then stop watering the plant until the soil gets dried
  • You can start watering the plant when the soil gets dried by maintaining proper gap between successive watering
  • Aloe vera plant is not usually affected by any parasitic insects. But, few insects which feed on plant sap such as aphids, mealy bugs and scale insects spoil the plant
  • You can plant this plant in combination with cactus to save it from these parasitic insects, since cactus is a spiny plant
  • You can also add proper pesticides to save the plant from any infections caused by the insect pests