Types of Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a life saving plant. The benefit of this plant is known for years and there have been so many amazing qualities of it which are just uncountable. From mental to physical health it affects all levels and as said a healthy mind is a healthy body. Aloe vera has been used since ancient Greek and roman times.

Aloe Vera is a plant which favors warm and dry weather condition for its growth. These plants used to grow in Africa but now this plant is found all over America and Europe.

Different Types of Aloe Vera

Out of 350 types of aloe vera there are only four to five types which actually come in use. It is amazing to know that almost all types of aloe vera look same but only a hand full of them are useful.

Some Varieties of Aloe Vera are Types of Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera berbadensis
  • Aloe aristata also know by the name of torch plant
  • Aloe arborescens
  • Tiger aloe
  • Medicina; aloe
  • Yellow aloe looks full yellow in color though other features are same
  • Common aloe

Ways of Taking Care of Aloe Plant

The procedure of taking care of aloe plant is very simple and needs little attention. This multipurpose life saving plant grows in sub tropical region and is also very well suited for desert type climate. The soil that is required for the aloe Vera plant has to be well drained that is it should not hold in water. If there is too much water in the soil the leaves of the plant will get too soft and the color will turn pale.

There is no need to water the plant regularly and if there is too much water in the soil then keep the plant in sun light for some time.

These sword type plants whose height grows till one to two feet have orange flowers and have teeth like structure all round the edge.

These plants can be taken as indoor plants and during the winter it just requires some sun light and not much water.

Taking care of such plant is so easy that almost anyone can grow it. The plant can grow where ever it gets mother shoot. Due to its easy way of growth almost anyone can grow the plant and take care of it.

If you want to grow aloe Vera all you have to do is break off from the mother shoot and take sand as medium and with some water watch it grow into a beautiful medicated plant.

Thus the amazing property of this life saving plant really surprises us. Not only in times of some medical need even if it is consumed or applied regularly in a religious way it will give long lasting fruitful results. The aloe Vera plant is also used in various cosmetic products, soaps and shampoos which also give equal benefits.

After reading the unique properties of this plant you are sure to rush to get some. Keeping this plant at home and it will provide you with natural medicine any time you need and in whatever form you need.